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Confederation M&A Joins Cornerstone International Alliance (C.I.A.)

We are excited to announce that we recently been inducted as the newest member firm of Cornerstone International Alliance!

Cornerstone International Alliance (C.I.A) is the world’s only global M&A alliance focused exclusively on the lower middle market. C.I.A is comprised of an elite group of 22 industry-leading M&A firms including 3 in Canada.

C.I.A specializes in working with firms with $500,000 to $10 million in EBITDA or $5 million to $150 million in revenue. C.I.A firms have combined for more than 3,400 deals and counting!

Managing Director Nick Olsen commented “we are very pleased to welcome Confederation M&A as Cornerstone International Alliance’s newest member and our representative firm in Atlantic Canada. We were impressed with Confederation M&A’s team and depth of experience in lower middle-market M&A deals in their region. They have clearly distinguished themselves as a leader in their field and will be a valuable addition to the Alliance”

Cornerstone International Alliance is dedicated to facilitating the success of its members through access to global industry experts, tools, content, best practices and enhanced buyer and seller reach. In turn, the approach expands the world of opportunities for C.I.A. clients.

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