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As companies expand both organically and by acquisition, so too do their product and/or service offerings. Certain divisions of a company may be better levered as a separate entity or could potentially create strategic synergies when aligned with another company. It’s important to recognize the timing of a divestiture – maximizing your return while potentially cutting costs, repaying debt and/or reinvesting to focus on your core business.

Our Divestiture Advisory Process:


  1. Divestiture assessment and pricing analysis

  2. Prepare CIM (confidential information memorandum)

  3. Define and approach buyers

  4. Lead negotiations and manage offers

  5. Manage due diligence process and information

  6. Close the deal!

Confederation M&A advisors will determine the best approach taken to the divestiture. A competitive bid process for a going concern divestiture may maximize your return. Proceeding with a trusted Confederation M&A advisor will minimize business disruptions allowing for a seamless transition.

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